Identification Stickers

A new system which is as per BS 1710: 1984 & ASME A13.1 colour codes for identification of Pipelines, Ducts, Cable tray, Engraved tags for Cables, Valves, Equipments & Warning tapes, which is widely used all over G.C.C. Countries.

M.E.P. identification system is made from self- adhesive vinyl sheets with ultra violet proof quality for quick and easy solution. This comes in different text heights proportionate to the size of the pipe with the short forms of the services printed on it. This makes this system easily identifiable to an ordinary Technician who may not be aware of the colour codes. For much clearer visibility we provide labels in 25/ 50 meters rolls in 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” & 12” widths. Engraving is done on PVC, Aluminum, Trifoliate & S. Steel.

Pipe Marking Tape

A high quality coloured self – adhesive printed pipe marker tapes in vinyl for secondary identification of pipelines. This comes in 2” to 12” width to match the dia of pipe & abbreviations of the contents printed for easy identification.

  • Material – 70 Micron Monomeric PVC
  • Adhesive – Permanent pressure sensitive acrylic
  • Application temperature – +8c to 60c
  • Service temperature – 20 c to 100 c
  • Shelf life – 2 years
  • External Weathering – At least 3 years in vertical exposure

Double sided tape

Double sided transparent polyester tape with a clear acrylic adhesive for use in pipewrap adhesion.

  • Protected with siliconised paper liner
  • Thickness – 0.9 mm

Identity Triangles

Self adhesive silk screen printed vinyl colour coded Triangles to denote the ducts in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Supplied in 150mm equilateral triangles
  • Manufactured in accordance with DW 144 ( Appendix B )

Identification Sticker

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