An adjustable device used to vary the volume of air passing through an air outlet or inlet. They can be used in conjunction with all air terminal devices as per the design requirement.

Fire Dampers

Curtain type fire dampers provide an automatic means of localizing areas of fire in ventilation systems.

The Rigid range of curtain bladed fire dampers are suitable for installation in walls and ceilings made from concrete or brickwork and will stop the spread of fire through duct, walls or floors.

There ia wide choice of sizes available for low, medium and high velocity applications and include rectangular,square, circular and flat oval connections.

The dampers are fitted with standard release 165° F (72 C)fusible links ( UL LISTED ) unless otherwise specified.

The CFD Series Steel Curtain Fire Damper is designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts,walls,floors,and ceiling.

The product range has many features and options to meet the requirements of specifiers, contractors, local and national authorities. There are five casing variants with infinite sizing capability within minimum/maximum dimensions. All are suitable for either low/medium or high velocity applications.

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Volume Control Dampers

The F Series Volume Control Dampers are designed for use in high, medium and low velocity and pressure applications. This flange type volume control damper is popularly used in 90% of air handling applications in view of their robust construction. These dampers comes with multi leaf aluminium extruded profile or multi leaf GI blades. These dampers facilitiate the opening of damper minimum to maximum through a hand operated quadrant to adjust the airflow in the duct. Jamb seals are provided in the damper for very low air leakage applications. Blade opening is controlled by hand operated quadrant or by electric motor.

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Non- Return Dampers

Non-Return Dampers are used in air conditon ducts to prevent entry of foreign particles into the duct or air handling unit. G I steel construction non return dampers are used in high pressure applications.

Material and specication:

Outer frame /casing:
G I Sheet 18 guage (1.2mm thk)

G I Sheet 22 guage (0.7mm thk) supported by steel rod for free hanging
Heavy duty NRD is supported by 6mm threaded rod and locked by two lock nuts at both ends. Aluminium extruded blades may be supplied for low pressure applications on purchaser’s request

Blade pitch:
Blade pitches are available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm

Generally these Non Return Dampers are supplied in natural grey colour. However these dampers may be powder coated in all RAL colours

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